Looking for flower delivery to Bare, we deliver daily throughout Bare and surrounding areas on a daily basis. Just a small journey from our shop, we have lots of regular customers who we provide flowers for in Bare. We have a wide range of products including flower arrangements, hand-tied bouquets, flower gift boxes, couture flowers and subscription flowers – the gift that keeps on giving! We also provide a large funeral and sympathy range for customers and funeral directors locally.

We are able to offer same-day flower delivery to Bare as well as same-day ‘Click and Collect’ flower order. So you can rest assured that if you require flowers delivered to Bare we have got you covered!

Quality Flowers & Freshness Guaranteed

You can also order with 100% confidence as we always strive to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, which is why we have achieved a 5-star rating on social media channels and review websites such as Google and Trustpilot for flower delivery in Bare.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Give one of our experienced florists a call, we are always happy to accommodate custom flower requests in Bare. Call 01524 422314 or contact us.

Free Flower Delivery Bare

Being one of our main delivery areas, we offer free delivery throughout Bare and surrounding areas, such as Torrisholme, Morecambe, and Bolton-le-Sands, Hest Bank. But for a limited time only, we are also offering free delivery across our wider delivery area including: Heysham, Carnforth,  Holme, SilverdaleYealand, Milnthorpe and Lancaster.

Use code: ‘BARE21’ at the checkout to claim FREE local delivery.

Local Delivery Only
Local Delivery Only

Same Day Delivery

Order by 2:00pm Monday to Saturday for Same Day delivery. After 2pm, give us a call, we'll always try and help!

Subscription Flowers

If you like having flowers around the house, or, would like to send flowers on a regular basis we've got you covered!


Although we're known in Bare for wonderful flowers, we also provide a carefully selected range of beautiful gifts.

Flowers Delivered to Bare Postcodes

We deliver flowers to all postcode areas in Bare including the following Bare flower delivery areas.

LA4 6AA Marine Road East
LA4 6AB Marine Road East
LA4 6AD Marine Road East
LA4 6AE Marine Road East
LA4 6AF Marine Road East
LA4 6AG Marine Road East
LA4 6AJ Marine Road East
LA4 6AL Lansdowne Road
LA4 6AN Lansdowne Grove
LA4 6AP Elms Road
LA4 6AQ Marine Road East
LA4 6AR Happy Mount Drive
LA4 6AS Mount Gardens
LA4 6AT Elm Grove
LA4 6AU Park Crescent
LA4 6AW Lansdowne Grove
LA4 6AX The Cove
LA4 6AY Marine Road East
LA4 6AZ Thorvald Gardens
LA4 6BA Seaborn Road
LA4 6BB Seaborn Road
LA4 6BD Bare Avenue
LA4 6BE Bare Avenue
LA4 6BH Seaborn Grove
LA4 6BJ Newmarket Street
LA4 6BL Newmarket Street
LA4 6BN Park Street
LA4 6BP The Parks
LA4 6BQ Palmer Grove
LA4 6BS Beach Street
LA4 6BT Beach Street
LA4 6BW Grange Street
LA4 6BX Princes Crescent
LA4 6BY Princes Crescent
LA4 6DA Princes Crescent
LA4 6DD Elms Road
LA4 6DE Bare Lane
LA4 6DF Bare Lane
LA4 6DG Elms Drive
LA4 6DH Bare Lane
LA4 6DJ Mount Avenue
LA4 6DL Clarence Court
LA4 6DN Ellis Drive
LA4 6DP Tudor Grove
LA4 6DQ Elms Drive
LA4 6DT Gainsborough Avenue
LA4 6DU Berwyn Avenue
LA4 6DW Ellis Drive
LA4 6DX Winchester Avenue
LA4 6DY Wakefield Avenue
LA4 6DZ Grasmere Road
LA4 6EA Lichfield Avenue
LA4 6EB Stuart Avenue
LA4 6EE St. Christophers Way
LA4 6EF St. Margarets Road
LA4 6EG Clifford Avenue
LA4 6EH Colwyn Avenue
LA4 6EJ Pembroke Avenue

LA4 6EL Foxholes Road
LA4 6EN Grasmere Road
LA4 6EP Mayfield Drive
LA4 6EQ Colwyn Avenue
LA4 6ER Mayfield Drive
LA4 6ES Mayfield Drive
LA4 6ET Seaborn Drive
LA4 6EU Sunnyfield Avenue
LA4 6EX Ruskin Drive
LA4 6EY Ruskin Drive
LA4 6EZ Ruskin Drive
LA4 6HA Carlyle Grove
LA4 6HB Brantwood Avenue
LA4 6HD Sulby Grove
LA4 6HE Lodges Grove
LA4 6HF Lodges Grove
LA4 6HG Hest Bank Road
LA4 6HH Hest Bank Road
LA4 6HJ Hest Bank Road
LA4 6HL Hest Bank Road
LA4 6HN Chestnut Drive
LA4 6HP Hazelwood Drive
LA4 6HQ Hest Bank Road
LA4 6HR Oak Avenue
LA4 6HS Oak Avenue
LA4 6HT Taylor Grove
LA4 6HU Taylor Grove
LA4 6HW Pinewood Avenue
LA4 6HX Happy Mount Court
LA4 6HY Oak Avenue
LA4 6HZ Chestnut Drive
LA4 6JB Woodrush
LA4 6JD Betony
LA4 6JH Halsall Drive
LA4 6JJ Willow Grove
LA4 6JP South Road
LA4 6JR South Road
LA4 6JS South Road
LA4 6JT Carrington Grove
LA4 6JU Farnlea Drive
LA4 6JX Victor Avenue
LA4 6JY Fairlea Avenue
LA4 6JZ Fairhope Avenue
LA4 6LA Fairhope Avenue
LA4 6LB Fairhope Avenue
LA4 6LD Fairhope Avenue
LA4 6LE Fairhope Avenue
LA4 6LF Warwick Avenue
LA4 6LG Homewood Avenue
LA4 6LH Wyndham Place
LA4 6LJ Bare Lane
LA4 6LL Bare Lane
LA4 6LN Queens Drive
LA4 6LQ Ashfield Avenue
LA4 6LR Elms Lane
LA4 6LS Longton Drive
LA4 6LT Norwood Drive

LA4 6LU Norwood Drive
LA4 6LY Lancaster Road
LA4 6LZ Lancaster Road
LA4 6QA Hexham Road
LA4 6QB Hexham Road
LA4 6QD Fulwood Drive
LA4 6QE Williams Avenue
LA4 6QF Ranlea Avenue
LA4 6QG Hamilton Road
LA4 6QH Hawkstone Court
LA4 6QL Eden Avenue
LA4 6QP Alston Drive
LA4 6QQ Webster Grove
LA4 6QR Alston Drive
LA4 6QS Brampton Drive
LA4 6QT Mattock Crescent
LA4 6QU Fulwood Drive
LA4 6QX Fulwood Drive
LA4 6QY Fulwood Drive
LA4 6QZ Fulwood Drive
LA4 6RN Bare Lane
LA4 6RP Bare Lane
LA4 6RQ Hatfield Court
LA4 6RR Bare Lane
LA4 6RS Bare Lane
LA4 6RU Bare Lane
LA4 6RW Bare Lane
LA4 6RX Lonsdale Avenue
LA4 6RY Lonsdale Avenue
LA4 6RZ Repton Avenue
LA4 6TA Lonsdale Grove
LA4 6TB Strickland Drive
LA4 6TD Strickland Drive
LA4 6TE Strickland Drive
LA4 6TF Lynden Avenue
LA4 6TG Anstable Road
LA4 6TH Anstable Road
LA4 6TJ Stainton Grove
LA4 6TL Sizergh Road
LA4 6TN Easdale Avenue
LA4 6TP Redwood Drive
LA4 6TQ Anstable Road
LA4 6TR The Mews
LA4 6TS The Coppice
LA4 6TT The Glade
LA4 6TU Azalea Grove
LA4 6TW Monkswood Avenue
LA4 6TX Huntley Close
LA4 6TY Beaufort Road
LA4 6TZ Beaufort Road
LA4 6UA Beaufort Road
LA4 6UB Beaufort Road
LA4 6UD Beulah Avenue
LA4 6UE Nicholson Crescent
LA4 6UF Beaufort Grove
LA4 6UG Clarkfield Drive
LA4 6UQ Green Lea Drive
LA4 6UZ Old Penny Gardens