Caring for your flowers

Here we have detailed the step by step care instructions for most of our flowers and plants.

If you cannot find any particular information, please feel free to call us, email us or drop us a message via social media.

If your hand-tied bouquet arrived in water, you can enjoy them in their packaging for the first 2-3 days, you just need to keep the water topped up.

To maximise their life you should then follow these instructions.

  1. Remove the wrap from around the bouquet, taking care to keep the florist tie in place to hold the shape and design.
  2. Fill a clean vase with two thirds full with fresh water, add a sachet of flower food. This will provide your flowers with an immediate feed and help keep bacteria at bay.
  3. Using sharp scissors, trim approximately 2cm from each stem at a 45 degree angle.
  4. Carefully remove any foliage from the stems which may sit below the waterline.
  5. Gently place your flowers into the vase and display away from direct sunlight, heat sources, cooling vents or fruit.
  6. On a daily basis, top up the water and remove any spent flowers and foliage.
  7. After three days in the vase repeat steps 2 to 5. This will ensure maximum vase life.

follow these simple steps to keep your arrangement looking its best.

  1. Add fresh water mixed with one sachet of flower food every one to two days to prolong the life of your arrangement. Please don’t overfill your container. The floral  foam must not dry out. 
  2. If any of the flowers begin to fade, carefully remove them from the arrangement, trim  1-2cm from the stem and place back in to a fresh part of the floral foam. 
  3. Remove any spent flowers or foliage. 
  4. Display your arrangement with care, out of sunlight and away from direct heat sources  and fruit. 

Tip. When mixing flower food with water, use an old clean plastic bottle so you do not waste  the food if you don’t need all of the water mixed in one go. 

Important Note 

  • Some flowers and plants can be harmful if consumed. Lilies in particular are toxic to cats.  Take care to keep all flowers, foliage and plants out of reach of children and animals. 
  • Take care when handling flowers, especially lilies, as pollen can stain. In case of contact,  do not rub or wet, use sticky tape and dab the pollen to lift from the surface. 
  • Some of your flowers may be delivered in bud so that you can enjoy them for longer. 
  • Do not place your flowers on furniture or polished surfaces that would become damaged  if wet. Use a protective mat if necessary.  

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