Blue Rain Aechmea Plant Gift Box


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Beautifully presented our Aechmea ‘Blue Rain’ make the perfect gift. Long-lasting, graceful and a delight to look at. 


The plant is in a removable pot inside the gift box, which can easily be removed for watering or to be moved to a ceramic container.


  • Site

    Bright indirect light.

  • Temperature

    Average warmth after flowering, warm before, keep the humidity up.

  • Water

    After flowering keep the well at the centre of the plant topped up over the growing season. In winter keep on the dry side and do not water into the ‘well’. Keep humidity up by misting.

  • Feeding

    A very weak liquid feed every month or so over the growing season, a very dilute mix can be poured into the rosette of leaves.

  • Tip

    A tip to get it to reflower is to let the water dry in the centre of the plant then place it in a plastic bag with a ripe apple for a week or so. The apple gives off ethylene gas which stimulates f


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