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Beaucarnea – Pony Tail Palm House Plant


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Beaucarnea doesn’t really look anything like a houseplant –it’s really more of a small tree. A rugged trunk emerges from a heavy base and is crowned with a cheerful tussle of curly ribbon-like leaves that grow out of a rosette. Officially it’s a flowering plant, but Beaucarnea rarely flowers indoors, and when it does, the flowers are very insignificant. This houseplant is also known as elephant’s foot and stands out not only because of its distinctive silhouette but also because of its imperturbability. It grows slowly but steadily, and it can take a knock or two – the good news is that forgetting to water it occasionally won’t kill it either. The plant stores water in its base and trunk in order to survive dry spells. It can, therefore, look after itself to some extent, which makes Beaucarnea a very suitable plant for those starting their houseplant journey.


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