A big topic for local businesses is the threat of extinction from the large multiples and supermarkets. However, this may be changing.

Many local florists expected Valentine’s 2016 to present lower footfall as it fell on a Sunday and generate lower than average sales.

Chantelle Barker, owner of Morecambe florist Time4flowers had this to say.

“We were really surprised this year as sales were 37% up on 2015, we really did expect sales to be lower than previous years with Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this time.

“Luckily we buy all of our flowers direct from Holland and we were able to keep on top of ordering new stock allowing us to maximise the opportunity.”


With so many options of where to buy flowers, why did the local florist triumph?

The theory of Chantelle Barker of Time4flowers is that consumers have had their fingers burnt with what appear to be TGTBT (too good to be true) offers so they turned to those who know most about quality flowers, the florists.

“Many customers were calling us asking what deals or offers we were running. We explained that we are not in the business of price establishing products at high prices only to mark down later and we don’t by second grade products. It’s just a case of educating the customer and 9/10 people got it and placed their order – you pay for what you get.

“We even had lots of customers call up and thank us for the flowers, often with a horror story of previous years – it was a major success for us.”

So it seems that the penny may well be dropping with the consumer, if it looks TGTBT it probably is, as you PFWYG (pay for what you get).

Who lost out?

Scenes at ASDA Preston on 15th February did not tell such a rosy picture with thousands of bunches of Valentine’s flowers slashed to just half price!

The question now is, is this a one off or is this a general movement by the consumer. We will see at Mother’s Day on 6th March 2016…

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