Valentine’s 2015 proved to be a massive success with sales up 77% on last year. Resulting in having to order an additional five flower orders from our suppliers to meet the customers demand.

Morecambe Men got it right!

This bouquet was for three dozen of our very best Grand Prix Roses. The lucky recipient loved the bouquet and said she had never seen one quite as beautiful.

Our choice of premium rose for the event was the irresistible Grand Prix rose, a dark wine coloured petal with velvety curly petals make for a sumptuous and romantic look.

Three Dozen Red Roses

We Found Them Somewhere Over The Rainbow

We received a special request from one customer for the illustrious Rainbow Rose. We say illustrious as they are hard enough to source outside of a special event, but with the added demand of Valentine’s and the fact China have ordered 100k of them for the Chinese New Year Celebrations made them especially difficult to source. As we hate to disappoint we did it, and just look at what we managed to create.

Two Dozen Rainbow Roses

This bouquet contained two dozen of the Rainbow Roses and once we posted a picture of them on our social networks the phones went mad with people clamouring to get their hands on them.

The feedback from the recipients of these bouquets was fantastic, with one customer saying that she has received these flowers every Valentine’s Day for the past several years but this was by far the best bouquet she has ever had. It is this feedback that keeps us on our feet for the 15 hour days approaching the big day.

Friday 13th Panic

As momentum gathered throughout social networks our website was put to the ultimate test, it was new, not been through an event before and was receiving unprecedented traffic. We were so busy we were still serving shop customers at 10pm on Friday the 13th.

All in all, it was a humongous success, we had predicted a decline in sales due to Valentine’s falling on a Saturday but our good reputation, coupled with some very targeted marketing meant we got in front of the right people at the right time.

We Came Up Roses Thanks To You!

We owe so much to our loyal customers, many of which commented that they preferred to support local businesses than go to the online order gatherers who deliver flowers in a cardboard box or deduct %% from the value of the flowers before asking a florist to deliver. So thank you very much for all of the support you have shown. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Right, best get on with Mother’s Day planning…

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