Brockholes Nature Reserve Wedding Photoshoot 2021

It’s no secret that here at Time for Flowers and Harmony Events we have a distinct penchant for nature, eco-living and wildlife. So when the message regarding this photoshoot dropped we were all over it like ….. (you can fill in the blank)!

Brockholes was already one of our go-to family days out, we love everything this place stands for and we were keen to continue the nature theme indoors. So we got our thinking caps on and we hope you like what we did – the guys at Brockholes did!

The Ceremony

Who wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle towards the beautiful vista of the Brockholes lake? So we wanted to accentuate this by using our gorgeous Eden arch, followed by a tree and foliage lined walkway up to our Eden moongate, freestanding trees and foliage dressed sills!

Aisle at Brockholes Nature Reserve
Photo by Rebecca Bridges Photography

More images from Rebecca Bridges Photography

Opulent Table
Photograph by Rebecca Bridges Photography

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We had a couple of ideas for the table designs and we couldn’t quite make up our mind which one to make!

Our initial idea was utilising the trees from the aisle on a bed of moss with small golden woodland creatures around the base – we thought this was the perfect way to bring the outdoors in, but with a touch of luxury!

The second idea was our tall acrylic stands topped with opulent arrangments and smaller bud vases and candles around the base…

We love them both, what do we do? Let’s do both!

More images from Rebecca Bridges Photography

Bouquets & Buttonholes

We were spoiled on the day with not one, but two beautiful models and also a male model too!

Kim her groom, and Anita all did a fabulous job of showing off the bouquets and buttonholes we created.

As we also had two photographers shooting on the day, please pay special attention to the image captions for credits.

Rebecca Bridges Photography

More images from Rebecca Bridges Photography

More images from Emily Robinson Photography

Emily Robinson Photography

Quick the weather’s turning!

You can’t do a photoshoot at Brockholes and not get the all-important end of the pier shot! But what started off as a beautifully sunny and mild day was quickly deteriorating. It was windy and the sky was going grey.

Our moongate complete with mauves, creams, pampas, lashings of foliage, and a few acrylic plinths and geometric shapes to boot.

More images from Rebecca Bridges Photography

More images from Emily Robinson Photography

It was a dream team

As you’ll have seen from the images we’ve shared, there was a whole host of wedding professionals involved in the shoot. But we have a very special thank you to the lady who organised everything which was Sue from Elizabeth Anna Cake Design.

Emily Robinson Photography

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