Prepare yourself for plenty of elegance and class as we explore the idyllic wedding of Beth and Scott. This wedding was really special for us in a number of ways, it was held at the quaint St Peters church in Heysham, it had some jawdropping designs we loved and the style, well, it’s our bag!

From first meeting Beth, we knew this wedding was going to be something truly special to be a part of, she knew exactly what she wanted and was absolutely fabulous to work with! Beth should be a wedding planner, she is the epitome of organised and we really felt like it was a true collaboration!



Beth and Scott’s wedding really was at the start of the trend of using a blend of white flowers complemented with a selection of pale, grey-green foliages. We used a mixture of beautiful peonies (these were Beth’s favourite), elegant calla lilies and the show-stopping dahlias, roses, set between a variety of eucalyptus and foliages. The outcome was a timeless bouquet of total elegance.

The bridesmaids looked stunning with their bouquets. And of course, we couldn’t forget the mother of the bride Helen…she was in total unison with the rest of the bridal party with her charming bag corsage.


That arch…

In order to create the crisp, white perfection we were aiming for on Beth & Scott’s day, we made all of our arrangements fresh on the day on location. It was an early start for the team on Saturday morning, as we set up our mobile studio outside on the decking at The Villa Pavilion at 4 am!!

We set to work creating the table centrepieces, dressing the simplistic ombre cake and table plan, before creating the show-stopping fresh archway that would welcome guests into The Villa Pavilion. In keeping with the crisp, fresh theme, our florists worked for hours creating the incredible welcome arch, with lashings of foliage and then adorned with Peonies, Roses, Hydrangeas and Tulips. What an entrance!

The day didn’t come without its challenges, and on this occasion, the weather was working against us! Decent winds and fairly warm temperatures are perfect conditions for drying out flowers, a florists nightmare. Our team of experienced florists made sure we left the flowers as late as possible and kept the flowers well hydrated. The result was breath-taking! Beth and her mum’s feedback made the 4 am start totally worthwhile! They could not believe it when they saw the flowers for the first time and were completely blown away. The scent in the room was amazing and the overall feel in the room was classic romance.


Since Beth and Scott’s wedding, Beth and her family have become some of our most loyal customers, all of our staff know her and her flower preferences. ‘#Bethstyle’ has even become a regular Instagram hashtag for Time for Flowers with friends and family all placing their orders with this description!

Here are a few more of our favourites

We’ve selected a handful of other images of Beth and Scott’s wedding, take a look and begin thinking about how we could make your dream wedding day come to life with flowers and styling which work hand in hand.


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