The red rose, that is still so strongly symbolic of the City of Lancaster, is, however, no longer a firm favourite for locals saying “I love you” with a Valentine’s Day bouquet. A recent poll of over 200 people, by Time for Flowers of Heysham, reveals that we do still love our flowers as a token of affection, but over 60% of those surveyed said they would ditch the classic, simply-red-roses bouquet for a very different floral gift.

Morecambe, Lancaster and Carnforth respondents to the online poll ‘Red rose, or not to red rose, that is the question?’ came out in force to say that just 19% would wish to receive a bouquet of red roses alone, 20% would like some red roses in a mixed bouquet, and a massive 61% don’t want any of these in their Valentine’s Day flowers at all.

Chantelle Barker - Valentine's Flowers Delivered

Time for Flowers asked why the red rose, that has represented Lancaster since Edward I, and which is a symbol of love dating back to Greek mythology and the Goddess of Love Aphrodite, no longer sets hearts racing. Business owner Chantelle Barker explained: “There were some staunch traditionalists amongst our flower lovers, but generally people felt that mixed bouquets were more imaginative, colourful, long-lasting or modern.”

Barker went on to give some helpful advice to partners looking for the ideal Valentine’s present: “The perfect gift at Valentine’s embodies love and beauty, but also reflects the individuality of your romantic relationship and compliments the receiver’s taste. Don’t worry, there is no one-size-fits all, so give us a call and we can help choose the flowers that

are right for you. Unfortunately, we can’t help the one person in our poll who preferred cheesy chips with gravy… but this is the north, I guess!”

Valentine's Roses or Mixed Bouquet Infographic


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